Welcome to Security Innovation Day 2018, Game is Never Over.

Welcome to Security Innovation Day: Game is Never Over

What is the relationship between the world of video games and the world of cybersecurity? The link is in the need to develop a skill, make use of intelligence and establish a strategy to be protected in the virtual environment. Both worlds are infinite, they require a team on guard trying to anticipate, detect, protect and respond to possible threats.

In our world, security is infinite. At ElevenPaths, we want to go as far as possible in every challenge and opportunity. That's why we develop innovation to deal with threats, attacks and, of course, protect our allies. The Game Is Never Over. It is Time for Real Innovation.

From an approach based on the relationship existing between videogames and cybersecurity, ElevenPaths presented, over the VIth edition of the event, the Telefónica's SOC (Security Operations Center), a 24x7 highly-qualified incident response team located in Madrid, as well as the following products: the marketing of Faast for WordPress and mASAPP Online, focused on online sales; the new IoT security services based on Telefónica's SOCs strengths; and a lot more. However, there is no doubt that the main player of this event was Stela FileTrack, a new solution to protect organizations' sensitive documentary information.

To find out what was presented at the #SID2018 download the presentations or watch them on video on the YouTube channel of the Security Innovation Day 2018.

About the Security Innovation Day

The Security Innovation Day is our cybersecurity innovation event of the year, aimed at information security professionals, CSOs, CIOs and CISOs, it brings together speakers, innovation and the presentation of our key strategic lines.

It is an internationally recognised, key sector event that will be celebrating its sixth edition this year in Madrid. You could also benefit from live streaming of the event with simultaneous translation.

Cybersecurity, the Basic Foundation for Digital Confidence

Today we are exposed to increasingly sophisticated and frequent attacks that can compromise our business, reputation, privacy and trust. That is why we need to be more and more receptive to cybersecurity measures and to redefine our strategy to focus on cyber-resilience.

At ElevenPaths we believe that a safer digital world is possible, and we aim to support organizations in their digital transformation, creating disruptive innovation and providing the privacy and trust required in our daily digital lives.


Chema Alonso Chema Alonso
Chief Data Officer (Telefónica) - Chairman (ElevenPaths)
Pedro Pablo Pérez Pedro Pablo Pérez
Global Security VP (Telefónica) - CEO (ElevenPaths)
Julia Perea Julia Perea
Digital Security Director (Telefónica España)
Alberto Sempere Alberto Sempere
Global Security Director (ElevenPaths)
Sergio de los Santos Sergio de los Santos
Innovation and Labs Director (ElevenPaths)
Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón
Security Innovation Ambassador (ElevenPaths)
Yaiza Rubio Yaiza Rubio
Intelligent Analyst (ElevenPaths)
Rames Sarwat Rames Sarwat
VP of Strategic Alliance (ElevenPaths)
Martina Matarí Martina Matarí
Incident Responder CSIRT Global (Telefónica)